Sliding glass doors may be a convenient access point, but they become a nightmare with cheap vertical blinds. Try these ideas & blinds for sliding glass doors.

Your sliding glass doors let the glorious sunlight into your home. Then there are times when you want privacy or more shade to help reduce energy costs

You need window coverings, but those old-school plastic or vinyl vertical shades are clumsy and an eyesore. 

Besides vertical blinds for sliding glass doors, what are the options? Try these ideas. 

Calling All Curtains!

Yes! You can hang curtains. 

Custom curtains for sliding glass doors offer a classic look to the room. Choose patterns or solids to match your decor.

Let in plenty of light when the curtains are open by sliding them one way or another across the curtain rod. To help darken the room and lower the temperature, add a thermal lining or blackout material. 

Be sure you hang the curtains high enough above the door to avoid blocking the door when it’s open. 

Show Me the Shutters!

Plantation shutters are an excellent option for your sliding patio door window treatments. 

Choosing real wood shutters creates an elegant look to the room. Tilt the slats to let the light into the room. When opening the sliding door, fold the shutters to the side to allow access in and out of the room. 

Customize the color of your shutters to make them a unique feature in the room. 

Throw Them Some Shades

Roller shades provide privacy and thermal protection when installing above your sliding glass doors. They’re also one of the more economical options when looking for the perfect sliding door coverings.

Roller shades are classic and on-trend. Customize these shades with room-darkening fabrics or different colors. A solar shade helps moderate the amount of light and heat in the room. 

You’ll find that these shades lift and lower easily, plus they clear the door when rolled up. You won’t have to worry about anything blocking your door when coming and going. 

Bring in the Blinds!

We already mentioned that cheap, vinyl vertical blinds are not an ideal choice for your sliding glass doors. However, blinds made of wood or pleated material are a stylish, functional alternative for vertical blinds.

Choose your level of the opaqueness in the material when customizing your accordion-style pleated vertical blinds. 

Wood or faux-wood blinds add style to the old-school idea of vertical blinds. Plus, the amount of light allowed in the room is entirely up to you depending on how far you open the blinds. 

Go Custom With Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Your best option when choosing blinds for sliding glass doors is a custom design and installation. 

It can be tricky to install blinds or window coverings over your sliding patio door. With customized, professional installation, you leave the heavy-duty work to our team of professionals. 

We provide free design options and a free estimate. Plus, you can shop at home! No need to come to the store to look at samples. 

Contact us to get started on the new window treatments for your sliding glass door.