Custom Shades Birmingham, AL

Picking shades for your home in Birmingham isn’t easy, but it’s, oh, so fun! Once you try our motorized shades, you’ll never want to go back to traditional window treatments again. They’re a game-changer.

Motorized shades with zero tolerance for error

The margin for error when it comes to installing motorized shades is tiny. Even the smallest mistake can affect the looks and function of the final installation. That’s why we meticulously measure every window to ensure a perfect fit. Our clients in Birmingham expect nothing less.

Electronic shades add a convenience few other custom window treatments can. Most people don’t feel like opening and closing their window treatments throughout the day. With electronic shades, this is no longer an issue – simply press a button and you can control the view, privacy, and amount of light that gets inside the room.

Sounds great, but is this the right window treatment for you? If you have to ask, then you haven’t tried it. Let’s go over the benefits of both traditional and motorized shades and find out together.

Are shades the right window treatment for you?

Each shade is made to fit your window perfectly. It will offer seamless coverage as well as suit your needs. Many of our customers go with window shades for the following reasons:

  • Sun glare – Glare from the sun can impact how you feel about a room. While natural light can be lovely, too much of it can create discomfort or hinder your ability to work. Custom window shades offer protection from harsh glare by softening it. Depending on your preferences, the amount of light your shades allow will vary based on the color and material.
  • Energy efficiency – While they’re not as efficient as shutters, shades still offer protection against harsh sunlight. This can help you maintain a cooler interior during the summer, keeping your electricity bill lower.
  • Privacy – Shades offer varying levels of privacy. This is one of the main reasons to choose this window treatment over others. Depending on the color and material, you can have your privacy while still letting in natural light.
  • Convenience – When it comes to convenience, the motorized option is unmatched. You can darken or lighten the room with the press of a button without getting up.
  • Safety – The electronic shade option eliminates the necessity for cords, making them safer if you have children or pets around.
  • Elegance – As each shade project is customized, the options are limitless. From professionally designed graphics, through sophisticated design choices, to simple colors. Our window coverings are fully tailored to suit your preferences. And if you’re not sure what those are, we’ll help you find out. Simply give us a call—we’d love to help!

Shades offer an excellent combination of style and substance. They offer a subtle elegance that makes them different from other window treatments, such as custom blinds.

Woven Woods Shades

Our Deluxe Woven Wood collection features complex textures, exotic reeds, grasses, woods, and sophisticated natural colors that will transform your room from dull to striking. Each pattern can be customized with privacy liners or black-out liners. Sturdy construction with each mounted on a solid wood headrail. A 6″ valance is included at no additional charge.

Roller and Solar Shades

Room–darkening roller shades are simple, effective, and economical. They offer the most privacy and block the most glare. Depending on whether you want to soften the illumination or prefer pitch black darkness (perfect for a media room or movies over the weekend), roller window coverings are available in the light-filtering or room-darkening variety. You can raise and lower them in one smooth, easy motion. Choose a motorized option for a touch of elegance and smooth operation with just a click of a button.

Mezzanine Shades

One of the hottest trends in window coverings is the Mezzanine layered shade with its versatility and soft look. The Mezzanine provides elegance to any room with both privacy and visibility options. This unique shade delivers a beautiful glow at night that completes any decorative style. It comes with a motorization option for added convenience and a dash of comfort.

Cellular / Honeycomb Shades

Cellular are popular window coverings due to their crisp, clean style and versatility. The soft, yet durable shades are available in single, double, and triple honeycombs. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and hundreds of colors. Available in several pleat sizes (larger pleats are more energy efficient). When raised, they stack compactly, keeping your windows open to the view.

Roman Shades

Discover designers’ choice in window treatments with one of our Roman shades. From the classic flat to the soft fold, Roman shades come in a variety of fabrics including drapery-like prints as well as neutral opaque tones. They offer multiple control lift options, including motorization and cordless.

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Buyer's Guide

Affordable Shade Solutions 

The market is flooded with cheap window coverings. This may seem like an alluring deal at first, but cheap, low-quality products end up costing you more in the long run. Shades are no exception.

It’s a good idea to speak to a reputable company in Birmingham, AL (wink, wink) for a custom solution that can suit your budget and requirements.

The cost of your custom shades can vary based on many factors. Three of the most important factors to consider when it comes to the price are:.

  • Materials used – The materials you choose will alter the price. Van Gogh Window Fashions can help you select materials based on the environment, daily use, and other requirements. Some materials are more durable than others and may cost a little more. 
  • Window size – The size of the windows can affect the price of your custom window shade treatment. Our professional salesperson will measure each window to ensure a custom fit.  
  • Manual vs. motorized – Functionality is the meat and potatoes. Fully motorized shades will cost more than manually operated ones, but they’re totally worth it. The added convenience and level of comfort are unparalleled.

Custom Window Shades, Birmingham, AL

If you own a property and have found yourself searching for a “window shade store near me”, you might have come across many pre-made solutions. They may seem appealing, but don’t fall for them. It’s better to go for long-lasting, custom window treatments that are guaranteed to fit. 

Sure, it will cost a bit more and take a bit more time. But it will be an investment that will keep paying dividends for years. The initial cost of custom shades outweighs the cost of replacing ill-fitting coverings that might not offer the same benefits.  

Van Gogh Window Shades

Whether you want to reduce glare or add a finished look to your property, Van Gogh Window Fashions offers many contemporary window covering solutions to suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Each solution is custom-designed with your needs in mind. 

Happy Customers

Excellent product and excellent service! I ask myself several times “When was the last time that I really got quality and real service when I worked with someone?” Well look no further. If you are in the market for shutters or other window coverings, this is the company to deal with – Van Gogh Window Fashions.
I have known the owner for several years and you know how it is when you know people and really don’t know if you should purchase from someone who you know because you don’t want to “mess up” that relationship. All I can say is these people REALLY come through. “Don’t delay – go today – to Van Gogh Window Fashions for the window coverings that you need.

Love my Sun Shades!!! Excellent service and superior product. Cary Miller is very knowledgeable and professional. Definitely recommend!!!

It is easy to see why Van Gogh is so highly recommended. Cary has been in the business for years and it shows. Their products are amazing and he walks you through the process step by step. I wouldn’t work with any other company.

Van Gogh Window Shades

Whether you want to block out light or reduce glare and add a finished look to your property, Van Gogh Window Fashions offers many contemporary window covering solutions to suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Each solution is custom-designed with you in mind and should last a lifetime with proper care.