Looking for ways to save on your current energy bill? You may want to consider finding energy efficient window treatments to help lower your energy bill.

Windows might not be your first thought when you think of making your home more energy efficient until you know that a house can lose up to 30% of heating energy through the windows.

It doesn’t have to stay that way, though. You have several choices for improving the efficiency of your windows. Here are some options for energy-efficient window treatments.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are one of the best window treatments to immediately improve your energy efficiency.

These are the shades with a honeycomb cross-section when you look at them from the side. The pockets of air in the material provide good insulation, and ones with a double-cell are even more effective.

These shades have a higher R-value than other window coverings. The R-value is used to measure the resistance to heat flow. A higher value means you’ll lose less heat.

When cellular shades are installed to have a tight fit, they can save 20% of heating energy. They can help in the summer, too, by preventing heat from coming in through the windows.

Solar Shades

One of the other types of window treatments are solar shades. They’re sometimes called window sunglasses because they’re designed to filter the amount of sunlight coming in.

The benefit of solar shades is that they don’t prevent you from seeing outside. They still block UV rays, and by reducing the amount of sunlight, they’ll keep the worst of the heat out in the summer.

You can choose how transparent you want these shades to be, based on the room and your preferences. Lighter ones give more visibility to the outside, but they also let in more sunlight. On the other end of the spectrum, blackout options keep the room completely dark during the day.


Blinds are another popular option for window treatments. They don’t help as much with insulation, but they can significantly reduce heat in the summer by reflecting the sunlight. Unlike a shade, the slats give you flexibility in controlling the amount of heat and glare coming into the house.

If you’re looking for the most energy efficient blinds, choose white or light-colored ones. These do a better job of reflecting the sunlight. On a sunny day, having these completely closed and lowered can reduce heat by 45%.

Horizontal blinds are better at allowing indirect sunlight while still lowering the heat. If you have a light-colored ceiling, you can even point the slats upwards. This allows the sunlight to reflect off your ceiling, giving you the most light with the least heat.

You can also put large window blinds on the outside of your house. These will block sunlight and heat before it even gets to the window. Since they’re not as easy to install, though, your best choice is to include these as part of new construction.


For simple window treatments, drapes can also help reduce your energy loss.

The best choice is a medium-colored fabric, with a white backing. As with blinds, the lighter color on the outside reflects heat.

If you get drapes, be sure to hang them as close to the window as possible, and get ones long enough to extend to the windowsill or floor. This will create a tighter seal for better insulation. 

Many Energy Efficient Window Treatments

With energy costs on the rise, now is the perfect time to consider ways of making your home more energy efficient. Starting with your windows is both effective and affordable, with many choices for energy efficient window treatments.

Whatever your budget, you can find an option that will improve the comfort of your home and the size of your energy bill.

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