Custom Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Custom blinds add value and aesthetic appeal to your home. Whether you prefer the clean-cut look or want to block the light out, wood or faux wood blinds are an excellent window covering solution that can suit any home and style. Here is the ultimate guide to custom blinds.

Custom Vs. Standard

When shopping for blinds, you might notice some interior stores or home depots stock standard blinds. These are often easy to purchase and budget-friendly. However, there are several reasons why custom blinds are a better value compared to standard store-bought options.

  • Finding the perfect fit – There is no such thing as a “standard” sized window. Most often, no two homes are built alike; window lengths and widths can vary. Purchasing ready-made blinds can lead to ill-fitting window coverings that leave gaps or a big stack of slats in your windowsill and creates an unfinished look. Windows that have non-standard measurements can require calculations and guesswork when fitting blinds.
  • Quality control – While you can purchase quality standard fit blinds, they can be pricey. It is sometimes better to opt for fully customized blinds that suit your tastes and are made from quality materials.

The Best Custom Blind Designs

Van Gogh Window Fashions has many different blind solutions to customize and fit your budget or style choices. Whether you prefer an elegant and dainty look or a sleek and sophisticated appeal, there are options for everyone.


    2″ Wood Blinds

    These elegant blinds are ideal for offices and homes as well as restaurants. They come in many color and stain options to enhance your decor. They are well made and offer a timeless look that will fit with any decorating style.

    2″ Faux Wood Blinds

    These offer the same look and style as 2” wood blinds at a more budget friendly option. They come in many colors and stains and are a great choice to add style to your windows at a better price. Faux wood blinds offer a designer look without a significant cost.

    2″ Wood Blinds with Cotton Tapes

    To enhance the blinds you’ve chosen, we can add cotton tapes.  These are available in many colors and make the standard blind more customized to your tastes.  We also have several valance choices that can make your blinds more decorative. 

    The valance options are Standard, Craftsman which is a clean modern look or Majestic which is decorative and looks similar to crown molding. Other blind options are cordless lift and wand tilt versus cord tilt.  Your design consultant can go over all these options with you and make suggestions based on your needs, budget, and décor style.

    Regardless of what option you choose, custom wood or faux wood blinds are a great addition to any home. They upgrade your interior spaces and are designed to last years; each custom blind has a classic contemporary look to withstand internal design changes. They fit into most décor styles.

      Happy Customers

      “I love my shutters!!! Window Van Gogh installed plantation shutters throughout. High quality, prompt service!! Great company and great people! I would highly recommend them to any game owner or business!!”

      Samuel Smith


      “I recently purchased shutters from Van Gogh Window Fashions for my new home. Cary Miller measured my windows and in a timely manner they were delivered and installed. They look fantastic and have my neighbors asking where they can get some. If you are in the market for shutters I highly recommend Van Gogh for a job done right and for a competitive price.”

      J. Roberts

      Reasons to Opt for Customized Window Solutions

      Choosing custom blinds for your home is an investment. Custom blinds are made to last many years in your home. Choosing a blind that can last years of daily use and match any future interior changes is essential. Custom wood or faux wood blinds are made to fit and match your personal color choices. 

      Here are a few of the most important reasons to choose custom window blinds: 

      • The perfect fit – Each blind is made to fit your window, make them look seamless and not out of place. Because each blind is expertly measured and installed, we take the risk and guesswork out of the process. 
      • Personalized choice – You should never have to settle for the best-looking blind in a store; you should customize your home according to your tastes and preferences. Blinds and window coverings are no exception. Custom blinds offer you the option of selecting exactly the style and color you want. 
      • Better insulation – Blinds are not just for aesthetic purposes; they can help keep a room warm in winter and the heat out in the hot months. Poorly fitting blinds don’t offer the same coverage and aren’t as efficient. 
      • Some houses come with specialty-shaped windows.  They may be round, arched, or exceptionally narrow. It can be hard to find blinds that fit. Custom window coverings can be tailored to your exact specifications and measurements. As the quality is assured, you won’t struggle to find replacements as the years pass on. 
      • Quality assured – Having blinds customized to your windows means that we can deal with the manufacturers for you.; Any alterations or quality checks handled by us. 
      • Warranty and repairs – Custom window treatments and coverings come with a warranty period, meaning if anything does happen to them, they will be covered. Repairs and replacements are easily accessible. 

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      Buyer's Guide

      How Much Should Custom Blinds Cost?

      If you have ever searched ‘Custom blinds near me’, you will know that a set of custom blinds can vary in price. Depending on the size of your windows and the style of the blind, the cost can differ. Prices for custom fitting and manufacturing can vary; most companies have an option to suit every customer. Whether you have a limited budget or not, there are options available to suit.

      At Van Gogh, custom blind projects are all unique; each project and installation is quoted according to specifications. Speaking to a qualified blind and window covering technician who can help you understand the costs and what exactly you’re paying for is an essential first step. The technician will help you gather enough information to make an informed decision and discuss options that will suit your budget.

      Benefits of Using Blinds

      Wood and faux wood Blinds have been used as window treatments for many years. They offer privacy and light control with a clean functional look.. It is well known that blackout curtains and drapery that blocks out light can be costly to make and replace. Blinds, on the other hand, are a budget friendly solution. Wood and faux wood blinds add a timeless aesthetic to any room and look good with many different decorating styles.

        Van Gogh’s Custom Blinds in Birmingham, Al

        If you have searched for ‘Blinds near me, Birmingham, AL, ‘ then Van Gogh Window Fashion has  the solution for you. Van Gogh Window Fashions offers custom window treatment services to help you make an informed decision about your window covering purchase. Each custom blind is made to your exact needs and specifications.