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Van Gogh Premium Plantation Shutters

The premium line of interior shutters will transform your home with timeless beauty and practical style that transcend the useful life of any other window treatment.  Enjoy the natural elegance of real wood combined with functional control of light, view, and privacy.  Shutters help deflect the heat and damaging rays of the sun while preserving views of lakes, forests, and golf courses.  While traditional to southern plantation architecture, Van Gogh Premium shutters will complement any décor.  Beyond the classic looks and versatility, they reduce cooling and heating costs, maximize curb appeal, and increase home value making shutters a beautiful yet sound investment.

Real Wood…Real Joinery

Four critical joinery details are important in the design of a quality shutter panel.  In each of these, VanGogh Window Fashions combines time-honored methods of construction with computer-controlled precision (+/- .005”) resulting in panels built to last for the life or your home.

Mortise and tenon joint:

Our mortise and tenon joint design allows for maximum glue surface area.  Wet-to-wet glue application plus special “drawtight” assembly screws result in optimal intimate contact & excellent joint strength.

Continuous Tilt Rod Linkage

A common problem never seen in a Van Gogh Window Fashions shutter is detached louvers due to tilt rod staples that pulled out.  Instead, a continuous aluminum linkage thoroughly glued into the back of the tilt rod provides extraordinary strength.  The connecting louver staples made of #304 stainless steel are deep set for decades of trouble free service.

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Richard provided a quick and professional repair to my plantation shutters that have been in my home for 18 years. They look good as new!! Thank you!!!
Beautiful and functional product. Gave the interior and the exterior of our house a whole new look. We love it. Service was great too!

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