Window treatments can be decor pieces, light blockers, or privacy tools. If your top focus is privacy, here are the best types of window treatments for you.

Are you wary of unwanted eyes peeping in your windows? Bathrooms and bedrooms call for plenty of privacy when it comes to window treatments. But even living rooms and other common areas benefit from privacy.

Privacy shades not only keep people from seeing you when you have lights on, but they also block the view of your belongings, which helps your home stay more secure. As a bonus, many of the best window treatments for privacy are also energy efficient window treatments so you can save money and keep your space private.

All window treatments provide some degree of privacy, but some do a better job of completely blocking the view from outside. Opaque materials block light and make it difficult to see through fabrics. Gaps in window coverings also affect privacy.

Certain types of window treatments are generally better than others. No matter what type you choose, coverings that fit the window dimensions perfectly improve privacy. 

Check out this window treatment options when you’re looking for plenty of privacy.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shades

You want privacy, but you may still want light in your room. Top-down/bottom-up shades solve that dilemma. They’re often found in the cellular or honeycomb style, which can cut heat loss by 40% in the winter for an added energy-saving bonus along with privacy.

These shades open from the bottom like traditional shades. But they also let you push the top section down so only the upper part of your window is uncovered. This blocks the view on the main part of the window, giving you privacy while letting sunlight shine in through the top portion.

Roller Shades

Roller shades offer a simple window covering option that offers plenty of privacy. Solid fabric completely covers the window when you pull the shade down. This eliminates any gaps or openings where people might see into your room.

When you want to open the shade, it rolls up easily and doesn’t take up much space. The rolled-up fabric sits behind the headrail, so it essentially disappears. This allows for a wide view and plenty of sunlight when you want it.

Roller shades come in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns to make it easier to coordinate with your room. The light-filtering level also varies, with room-darkening roller shades blocking out the most light and providing the best privacy.

Roman Shades

Like roller shades, Roman shades feature panels of fabric that cover your window completely without gaps. Instead of one continuous, flat piece of fabric, Roman shades have folds of fabric. When you open the shade, it folds into itself, hiding the shade away at the top for a full view out your window.

Interior Shutters

Interior window shutters feature a slatted design with louvers to control the angle of the slats. This lets you control privacy based on whether you leave the slats closed or open them. If you want a little light in your room, you can open the slats slightly so some sunlight filters in while the slats still block the view.

Some interior shutters have divider rails that separate the upper and lower sections. This lets you open part of the shutter while leaving the rest closed. Similar to a top-down/bottom-up shade, these shutters let you open the top section for natural light while keeping the bottom slats closed for privacy.

Explore Types of Window Treatments

All window coverings provide some degree of privacy. But the best types of window treatments for total privacy are opaque without gaps.

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