Any homeowner understands the challenge of choosing a new look for a home, whether it’s a minor update or a major design overhaul. Selecting a set look for your home can be difficult, including what to paint exterior and which designs to avoid. One question that comes up repeatedly is whether installing shutters outside the home is worth it or not.

Let’s look at a few key reasons shutters can improve not only your home’s curb appeal, but also increase its value. Additionally, we’ll offer advice on what style choices work when it comes to home shutters.

Why Consider Shutters for Your Home

Shutters are more than just fancy window treatments: They are functional and add value to any home if tastefully done. Both external and interior shutters have a range of benefits as well as advantages.

There are several reasons why you might want to choose shutters for your home, including:

  • Value. Adding value to your home is essential. Shutters ensure your home’s exterior is protected. The added layers of protection against outside forces and safety from extreme weather are valuable to prospective property owners.
  • Weather Protection. In locations with adverse weather such as harsh storms and hurricanes, shutters can add a layer of protection for windows against harsh winds and debris that could damage windows. Shutters also offer protection against other kinds of weather, such as extreme cold or heat, by insulating your home’s exterior windows.
  • Curb Appeal. There is no doubt Spanish-style homes and retro farmhouses leave lasting memories for many people. Vintage, heavy wood shutters offer timeless elegance in almost any neighborhood.
  • Light Control. Sunshine is a good thing; however, too much of it can impact your quality of life inside the home. Shutters offer light control—and more louvered shutters can control the level of light allowed into the room.
  • Privacy. Shutters offer unparalleled privacy as they completely block out the view from both inside and outside the home.
  • Energy Savings. As shutters help insulate your home, they can offer considerable energy cost-savings by blocking out heat or cold in houses and reduce the need for additional heating and cooling.
  • Customization. No matter what style of home, window coverings are completely customizable to suit any home. They come in various materials, styles, and colors to ensure functionality and beauty.
  • Long-lasting use. Professionally designed and installed shutters are a long-term investment. With proper care and maintenance, they can last a lifetime. This adds additional value to your property.

No matter why you choose to install shutters, they are an investment for any home. However, it is important to remember that professionally designed shutters will last longer and offer the most benefits when compared to poorly designed options. Always consult with a window covering expert for advice.

Shutters or No Shutters? Latest Style Updates for 2022

If you are planning a ground-up build, adding shutters might be a consideration in your design process. While some might consider shutters to be features found only on older homes, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Shutters can look and feel modern, and offer a clean, contemporary feel to any property. 

The question many are asking is whether shutters are part of the style update in 2022? Absolutely, their customizability makes them an attractive feature for homeowners.

The true beauty in shutter installation is their ability to be customized. From color to style to shape to function, shutters can be custom-fitted to your specifications. Whether you prefer your shutters to match your front door or to stand out on the block, you can have them any way your heart desires. This is precisely why these window treatments are so popular—and why they are making a comeback in 2022.

What Exactly Are Shutters & Why Are They So Popular?

Shutters are window treatments installed outside the home or in the home’s interior. Most shutters are made out of a range of hardwoods or durable artificial materials; window treatments such as these offer several aesthetic as well as practical benefits. They add value to any property, whether installed over newer or older windows.

Is It Wrong to Install Shutters If They Aren’t Needed for Practical Purposes?

No, of course not. Installing shutters is a personal choice. Functional shutters are lovely to have; however, even in areas where the climate is mild and agreeable, there is nothing wrong with installing shutters to enhance the appearance of your home or because you like the look.

Fake shutters are often installed for purely aesthetic purposes. However, it is always recommended to install functional window shutters as they add additional value and have a practical element as well.

Does My House Need Shutters?

Not necessarily. In some locations where storm damage is common, it is advised to install shutters as a safety precaution. There are, however, a few instances where you should not install shutters. Some window shapes are not suited to this particular type of window covering.

If you have the following window types, you might need to consult a window furnishing expert to discuss options, as external shutters might not be the best option for your home. These include:

  • Bay windows
  • Double mulled windows
  • Corner windows
  • Picture windows

Another thing to consider is whether your home has even or mismatched windows. Homes with mismatched windows are not suited for shutters for several reasons. Shutters should ultimately be in proportion to the front door for tall windows. In homes with smaller windows, the shutters should be well-proportioned so that an overall symmetry can be maintained. For homes with mismatched windows, you might not be able to install proportionate shutters, leaving your home unfinished and disproportionate. Instead, consider discussing an alternative interior solution for your home.

Many windows are ideally suited for shutters; however, if you are uncertain, speak to a professional for an on-site evaluation, recommendation, and quote for your property.

When Should I Remove My Shutters?

Shutters should be removed before painting your exterior or annually for repairs. Operable shutters with mechanisms, such as louvered shutters, should be removed before any external repair work is done on your home. This will prevent damage to the mechanisms, which can be costly to repair.

Paint and other chemicals can become trapped in your shutters, impacting their ability to work correctly. When pressure washing your exterior, remove the shutters and only reinstall them once you have completed the necessary cleaning.

What to Look Out for When Installing Shutters

Like with any home project, it is essential to remember a few things. Installing pre-made shutters can lead to many shutter fails, such as installing the wrong size and mismatching the design with the rest of the house. The wrong style of shutter can reduce the value of your home. It is important to ensure you speak to a shutter and shade expert who can offer sound advice for your home.

Shutters designed and installed professionally offer your many benefits. These include:

  • Properly sized shutters that fill the window casing.
  • Proportional shutters that match the style of your home.
  • Functional Shutters. Functionality is a significant benefit; the mechanisms and their operations can benefit your home in several ways, such as energy savings and long-lasting window furnishings.
  • Matching Styles. Ultimately, to ensure a polished look, it is essential to ensure your shutters are all the same color and style. For example, if the window treatments have a white trim on the front of your home, they should also have a white trim on the rear of the house. Mismatching styles is a no-go in home design.
  • Cost Savings. Add shutters appropriately designed to avoid unnecessary expenditures on repair work for incorrectly installed window treatments or shutters not suited to your climate or environment.

Different Types of Shutters

There are many different styles of shutter. The type you choose might depend on the house style. If your house is built in a particular manner, you might choose shutters made in the same style, such as Spanish plantation shutters for an old Spanish-style home.

Some of the most commonly found shutter styles include:

Board and Batten Shutters

Board and batten style shutters, also known as panel shutters, are a popular choice for homeowners looking for protection. These simple shutters are cost-effective, and can suit almost any house style as they can be customized with stains, paint, and designs.

Made with solid panels of wood joined together, they are affixed to the outside window casing, and offer complete protection from the elements and continued privacy. Batten shutters provide a rounded top, while board shutters are straight.

Louvered Shutters

Louvered shutters are a functional and practical choice for many homes. These shutters are exquisite when installed for practical purposes, as they offer your home light filtering and curb appeal. These shutters can be automated with a motor for ease of use, and are ideally suited to interior and exterior installations.

Working shutters that add functionality and aesthetic appeal to a home can make a massive difference to the value of a property. Shutters such as these are a true property investment.

Storm or Hurricane Shutters

Purely practical, these shutters come in limited styles and are intended to be protection against storms and hurricanes. They protect your windows from being broken or damaged due to harsh and inclement weather.

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