When it comes to window treatments, drapes and blinds are often what first comes to mind. Indoor window shutters are another beautiful way to dress your windows, however, that are not only pretty to look at but they also add value to your home.

An interior shutter on your window can add a stately and traditional look to your home or a more modern look depending on the style. 

From interior café shutters to bedroom shutters, we’ve rounded up five ideas for decorating with indoor window shutters for your home.

Interior Café Shutters 

Interior café shutters will give your home a feeling of traditional southern charm with an edge. You can add interior shutters to your kitchen or dining space to give your space the feeling of being in a quaint café.

Wood shutters are also durable to use in a kitchen or dining space because they can be wiped clean should any sticky fingers find their way on them. 

Bedroom Shutters

Bedroom shutters are as beautiful as they are practical. Interior wood shutters in your bedroom will add a ton of privacy. You’ll also have great light control that is easy to change depending on the time of day. 

In the morning, with one easy motion, you can easily open the shutters to let light in. At night, you can partially or fully close the shutters to add privacy and keep out the bright morning sun.

You will also have great temperature control in your bedroom by keeping warm or cool air in and the outdoor elements out.

In the bedroom, soft ivory or white will give a romantic feeling to your space. You can also pair them with a pretty, textured drape for even more drama.

Interior shutters will also help block out the light in a child’s bedroom, keeping babies sleeping soundly when used for room darkening.

In terms of safety, you can’t get any better than indoor shutters for a child’s bedroom. There are no long chords for them to pull on or wrap around themselves. This is an awesome safety perk for any parent.

Living Room or Family Room Shutters

Adding interior window shutters to your living room or family room is a great way to add traditional elegance.

The thick and durable design will help deflect harmful UV rays from damaging your furniture and adding glare to your television. These are great for darkening the room for movie night.

When the shutters are even partially open, you will still be able to enjoy your view while blocking the sun’s UV.

For a more modern take on the traditional plantation shutter, go with a black color. These can complement modern black cabinets, window frames, or even industrial spaces.

Traditional white shutters work well in family spaces and real wood stains add a natural and warming element.

Rustic Interior Shutters

For a home with a more farmhouse vibe, you can make your interior shutters appear more rustic with different wood grains and stains. Think Fixer-Upper’s modern farmhouse meets southern elegance. 

Indoor Window Shutters Add Value

When it comes to window treatments, indoor window shutters give you a big return on your investment. These stately additions to your home will last forever if properly taken care of. 

Shutters will become like permanent fixtures to your home. Fox News describes them as “Window Furniture”, adding value to your home. 

With great light control, easy cleaning, and a beautiful ascetic, you’ll enjoy the look and privacy for years to come.

If you’re ready to get started on your next window treatment project, fill out the contact form here to speak with a professional designer.