Thinking about picking up Roman shades for your home? Let us help you weigh the pros and cons.

We’ve all been there — you’ve built the perfect themes in your home on everything down to the color of the throw pillows.

All of a sudden … that’s when you look up to see the boring, run-of-the-mill blinds that scream “we didn’t put much thought into this” to your neighbors.

Roman shades offer a trendy solution, but with so many options to choose from, why should you consider them over the other styles.

Let’s talk through this together!

Below are the pros and cons of choosing Roman Shades for your home.

Picking up Roman Shades for Your Home

Pro: They’re Timeless

They’re called “Roman” shades for a reason, folks.

Back in the days of the Roman Empire, the locals would place wet fabric over their windows as protection from the dust blowing in.

It didn’t take long before they saw an opportunity for expression in the clothe they hung.

I’ll bet they didn’t realize they started a trend that would last into 2019, BUT that lasting power proves these won’t be a “shag carpet” decision you’ll regret down the line.

Con: No Happy Medium on Natural Lighting

Research has shown that we, as humans, subliminally long for sunlight. Not only does it surround your household with lighting, but it also saves you money on having to use electricity.

Unfortunately, with roman shades, it’s either up or down. Meaning that you can’t moderate the amount of sunlight in your house other than “all of it” or “not much.”

Any easy way to combat this is to assign the roman shades by what each room will be used for.

For example, blackout roman shades are perfect for bedrooms and home offices, while you may want something thinner for the living room.

However, if the risk of that concerns you, remember there are other shade designs as well.

Pro: The Options Are Endless

Roman shades offer a variety of different colors, sizes, and styles that will fit with any theme you’re going for. 

You can choose from things like fabric roman shades, bamboo roman shades, and much more!

Romans offer an aesthetically pleasing look in both masculine and feminine, that kind of flexibility is hard to find.

Con: They Can Be Unsafe for Children

While looking for the right fit of window treatment, it’s important to consider your everyday life. 

If you have little ones roaming around, be aware that the cords in roman shades, which may loop up and lock, can be a choking hazard to children.

Only install roman shades in your home once you deem them safe for your kids and pets.

Weigh out All of Your Options

It probably never occurred to you, but choosing the proper shades for your home can be a weighty decision. 

Roman shades can be a great choice to filter lighting and provide a simple look. It’s important to factor in your preferred design with what fits your family’s lifestyle the best.

If you’re still unsure, check out our article that outlines shutters, blinds, and shades, and how each can be the go-to for your home.

For more inquiries, please call us at (205) 987-3711, and we’ll be happy to talk you through all of your options!