Have your blinds, shades or curtains seen better days?

If you have the necessary skills and tools, you could repair them. However, sometimes that just won’t cut it. 

So how do you know when your window treatments are beyond repair? In this post, we’ll tell you. 

Here are five signs you should get some new ones. 

When to Buy New Window Treatments

If you spot any of these five issues with your windows, it’s time to start shopping.

1. Warping

No matter what material your blinds are made from, they can eventually become warped.

If they’re aluminum, they may bend out of shape due to pressure. If they’re made from wood, water damage and humidity can cause them to swell. Faux wood can be damaged by heat, too.

If you find that yours have warped, it’s time to buy new ones. 

They’ll no longer give your windows the kind of coverage and protection they need. Plus, they’ll look unsightly. 

2. Discoloration

With so much exposure to the sun, blinds and shades are bound to fade eventually. 

More modern window treatments have better UV protection, but it doesn’t last forever. 

If yours have significantly faded or turned yellow, you should replace them immediately. This is because the damage is more than just aesthetic. It also means that the materials they’re made from are starting to break down.

3. Fraying

If the cords on your blinds are frayed, it’s probably down to good old wear and tear.

However, if they’re not that old, it could be down to the mechanism. If parts are rubbing or catching the cord, they’ll begin to fray over time. Either way, the longer you leave them like this, the closer they are to falling apart and leaving your windows bare. 

Fabric shades may start to fray at the edges, too. This is usually a result of poor fitting, which causes the fabric to scrape along the frames. 

4. Difficulty Closing

Are you having to fight with your window treatments just to get them to open or close properly?

They should go up and down smoothly with a slight pull, or the touch of a button if they’re automatic. If not, the lifting mechanism could be broken. 

5. Lack of Safety

Do you have a new arrival in the home?

Whether you’re welcoming a baby or a new pet to the family, you ought to consider the safety of your window treatments. They often have cords that they can become tangled in.

In serious cases, they can cause strangulation and even death. That’s why it’s essential that you replace them with newer, safer alternatives. 

Dress Your Windows the Right Way

Now that you know when to replace your window treatments, the next step is to find the right ones for you. 

Dressing your windows is about more than just style. You also need to consider the type of lighting you want, the manufacturer you’re buying from, and the warranty. 

For more information about what to look for, read our window treatment buyer’s guide