Where there is a window, there is an option to cover it with shutters, blinds, or shades. Van Gogh is able to give you all three options at great pricing, but which one is best for which rooms? We would like to share our opinion with you on deciding shutters or blinds. First thing you will want to look at in a room is how much light is penetrating, and how the windows heat or cool the space. This is a huge factor as most people are thinking of furniture pieces for a room, we ask the customer to look around and see the windows. Secondly, where do the windows sit in a room? The functionality of window coverings plays a big role in deciding between blinds or shutters. Depending on where the windows are in the room, will help you decide how to furnish it and select window coverings adequately. Lastly, you may want to visualize what role the room will play in your home. Will it be a place for children or adults? Will it be a gathering room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.? Identifying the space will give you a sense and feel of the room, making it easier to decide on window coverings.

After answering all these questions, you should be able to make a great decision based upon our quick tips.

  • Tip#1: Safety is always first around children, so think about 2″ to 3″ shutters for bedrooms with children. Shutters are sturdy and do not require a cord.
  • Tip#2: If in a bathroom, you may want to choose an elegant cafe style shutter and be sure the wood is protected as steam is an issue in bathrooms.
  • Tip#3: Real wood blinds are beautiful in bedrooms where furniture placement is close to windows. Blinds are easy to clean without having to move furniture.
  • Tip#4: Shutters with large louver sizes like the 3 1/2″ to 4 1/2″ are great choices for larger windows as they are private, but also able to give great views.

Please consider these tips next time you are about to purchase window coverings for your home, and call Van Gogh Window Fashions at 205.987.3711! We make every window a work of art!