Gorgeous Dining Room Window Treatments That Are on Trend Right Now


Your dining room is the perfect space for gathering with friends and family. The problem is that when the Alabama sun shines at the right angle, it creates an unbearable glare and raises the dining room temperature to an uncomfortable degree.

Believe it or not, up to 76% of the sun’s rays hitting your windows can convert to heat. Not only does this make you less comfortable when you’re trying to enjoy a good meal, but it forces your air conditioner to work harder. 

It’s time to get some dining room window treatments, but what are your best options? Read on to discover the gorgeous window treatment trends that are perfect for your dining room.

Smart Window Shades

The Internet of Things is constantly expanding. You can adjust your thermostat from your phone and your fridge can tell you when you’re running low on eggs and milk.

It’s no surprise that many Alabama homeowners are installing motorized shades with smart technology. 

Motorized shades are a great choice for dining rooms because you can raise and lower them without having to get up from the table. They’re an ideal choice for windows that are hard to reach because of nearby furniture. With motorized shades, you can put those China cabinets and buffet tables wherever you want. 

Organic Textures

Drapery remains an elegant choice for dining rooms. Drapes provide an easy and economical way to cover large or unusually shaped windows. They can create the illusion of larger windows or higher ceilings when installed by a professional.

In 2024, we’re seeing an increase in organic materials like cotton, burlap, and linen. These materials exude natural, inviting beauty while creating physical and visual texture.

In a room that’s often dominated by wood and metal, these textures are perfect for softening the space.

Bold Curtain Designs

Maybe your interior design style tends to lean more funky and eclectic than minimalist and muted. If so, you may be more interested in window treatments that add a pop of color and a bold pattern.

Vintage-inspired patterns are all the rage for 2024 dining rooms. Think 60s-style florals in warm tones like pink, yellow, and orange. If you prefer cool tones, consider geometric patterns that harken back to the days of Art Deco.

When you’re deciding on a pattern, pull inspiration from your existing artwork and decor for a more harmonious design. 

Colorful Plantation Shutters

Drapes and curtains aren’t the only window treatments that can add color to your dining room. With the right window treatment company, you can customize a variety of window treatments, from blinds to drapes to shutters. 

Plantation shutters bring a timelessness that few other window treatments can rival. They’re easy to operate, easy to clean, and let in plenty of natural light when they’re open.

This year, homeowners are upgrading the classic plantation shutters with a splash of color. We’re keen on Peach Fuzz, the Pantone color of the year. Other popular color choices for window shutters include dark olive green, grey-blue, and sky blue.

Wooden Blinds

When you think of blinds, do you picture vinyl or PVC slats? If you’re tired of this turn-of-the-century look, embrace something that combines the old world with the new: wooden window blinds. 

Wooden blinds provide full coverage and textural warmth. Like plantation shutters, they’re easy to use and clean. They’re more versatile than you may realize, with options like vertical blinds making waves in 2024.

Wooden blinds also offer more durability than vinyl and PVC. If your dining room is the sight of a lot of wear and tear, these blinds will stand the test. 

Layered Window Treatments

When you’re creating your dining room interior design, it’s important to consider scale. Most homeowners worry about overcrowding their space. Few realize that a large room with sparse furniture can look and feel just as uninviting.

Layered window treatments are a trending solution that will create depth and more appealing proportions in large or hall-like dining rooms. First, you’ll need to pick your inner layer. Something that adds minimal bulk, like a sleek shade or 2″ blinds, will do the trick. Next, you’ll choose your drapes or curtains to create the outer layer.

For a modern look, consider contrasting neutrals, like white shades paired with black drapes. For a more classic and elegant style, pair a dark inner layer with a rich maroon or burgundy drape.

Updated Neutral Tones

In the past, “neutral” meant variations of white and brown. This included colors like eggshell, ivory, beige, and tan. As time went on, it started to include black and shades of gray.

Now, “neutral” interior design tends to translate to “natural.” We’re seeing neutral designs that include muted blues and greens with undertones of gray. On the other end of the spectrum, we’re seeing warm tones like sandy yellows and clay oranges. 

If you’re looking for a way to introduce color without making your dining room design feel loud, order custom blinds and shutters in these updated neutral tones.

Cotton Tape Window Blinds

What if you enjoy the minimalism and sleek design of blinds but want to bring a hint of textiles into your dining room design? Cotton tape window blinds are the perfect solution.

Cotton tape adds visual interest by running vertically down horizontal blinds. You can order window blinds with cotton tape in customizable colors.

These blinds are available in cordless options. You can enjoy the softness and cord-free operation of drapes without losing the simplicity and unobtrusiveness of blinds.

Call VanGogh for Trendy Dining Room Window Treatments

Are you tired of having dinner disrupted by the heat of the setting sun? If so, it’s time to invest in high-quality dining room window treatments. With these trending options, you can enhance your dining room design while getting the protection you need from your blinds, shutters, shades, or draperies.

VanGogh Window Fashions is one of Birmingham’s oldest window treatment companies, providing homeowners with quality custom options since 1999. From the at-home shopping experience to the design consultation to the installation, we’ll help you every step of the way. Write or call and let us know what projects you have in mind. 

Amy Miller

Amy Miller

Amy Miller

Amy Miller

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