Blinds are more than just functional, they add style and beauty to your home. Not only are they vital for your home’s security, but for helping you create the ideal aesthetic in a room.

If you’re in the market for new wood blinds, here are 5 tips for choosing the right set to meet your needs and tastes.

1. Consider the Room’s Needs

To choose the right blinds, it’s important to think about what activities will take place in each room. Do you plan on watching movies, studying, cooking, sleeping?

Based on what you do in a room, you will need varying degrees of light. For example, blinds in the bedroom need to be able to shut out light, (and peeping neighbors), once it’s time to hit the hay.

In rooms where reading, office work, or cooking takes place, you’ll want plenty of light to see what you’re doing. 

2. Consider the Shape of Your Windows

If you have 10-foot windows, reaching up for strings to pull your blinds is not very logical. If you have 6-foot wide windows, shutters may not be the most feasible either.

Choosing blinds that don’t fit your windows will not only look like a joke, but they won’t work well either.

3. Set a Budget

Depending on the style and quality of your wood blinds the cost can vary greatly. Before you become too attached to a style or brand, make sure you set a budget.

Having a budget will also help narrow your search when choosing your blinds.

4. Consider Your Room/Home Design

There are a variety of wooden blind styles, but not every style fits every home. When choosing the right fit for you, think about the color scheme of your home, your furniture, your carpet, etc. You want to choose blinds that compliment your home and existing design.

It can be tempting to give in to design trends. But, if you want to feel happy with your blinds for years to come, try to resist the urge to choose overly-trendy styles. Consider selecting a style that’s timeless and classy.

5. Think About Function

If you have large windows you will want blinds that can open and shut easily. Keeping large windows clean is challenging enough without having to hassle with difficult blinds.

When you’re choosing the wood blinds for a room, consider whether it’s more important for you to choose some that are easy to use and maintain, or fit the look you want for the room.

Do you want blinds that open vertically or horizontally? Do you want blinds that require a string or rod to open? Before choosing the blinds for your room, look at the functionality of each option.

Find the Best Wood Blinds For Your Home Today

You’ve got the tips, the budget, and the design plans, now it’s time to choose the perfect wood blinds for your space. 

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