Getting the word out about your business is not an easy task. Luckily for you, custom window graphics can do the trick. 

Not only do these shade window graphics grab the attention of potential customers, but they also provide shade. Start using windows for more than a blank space. 

Adding artistic storefront window graphics is an innovative way to use your windows. Let’s consider five ways shade window graphics can change your business. 

1. Sales and Promotions

If your goal is improved business numbers, custom window graphics can help. 

Window graphics on stores can display a sale, encourage a consumer, or even portray a marketing strategy. From clearance sales to store wide promotions, the options are endless. 

To get customers through the door and spending money you need to grab their attention. Consider red-colored graphics for effective sales and promotions. It’s the traditional color associated with sales. 

2. Window Graphics Versatility

Window graphics aren’t permanent. 

This is good news. As a temporary installation, you can change your window graphic multiple times throughout the year or even seasonally. 

Having multiple sales? Transitioning to a new product? No problem. Rotate window graphics as much as you can afford. This also keeps your storefront fresh and unique. 

3. Brand Strengthening

If you want to stand out you have to make your brand seen. 

The more you display your brand in different places, the better chances you’ll have of increasing traffic. There are hundreds of different branding elements you can choose from. 

Whether that’s a custom window graphic, a consistent logo, or a specialty graphic, the choice is yours. The more people that see your brand the more likely they’ll be to stop in. 

4. Privacy and Shade

One of the more underrated parts of a window graphic is the shade it provides. 

No different than a typical home shade, your shade window graphic provides the same outcome. The game-changer is its two purpose use. 

Graphics on one side, shade on the other. Using something that is in every business to your advantage could end up paying dividends for your future.

5. Location, Location, Location

If your customers don’t know where your business is, you won’t make much money. 

Shade window graphics can be a great use of direction to a storefront. Although a sign above your door is usually visible, different angles of walking could obstruct the eyesight of passing people. 

Customization can also feature more information. Your sign will likely include your business name or logo. Window graphics can add text and additional imagery to an otherwise blank canvas and help with direction. 

Building Ground Up

No matter if it’s window graphics, shutters, blinds, or drapes, Van Gogh Window Fashions has it all. 

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With the customer in mind first, Van Gogh Window Fashions separates itself from the competition. Driven by referrals or repeat customers, we are focused on providing a masterpiece no matter what you need.

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