Exterior shutters are a great investment for your home, not only are they attractive and give your home an interesting and individual look, but they are also functional and are effective for protection from the elements.

Not all shutters are made equally and buying shutters can be a bit of an overwhelming task for a homeowner. If you are interested in adding or replacing shutters on your home, here are 6 common shutter-buying mistakes and how to avoid making them. 

1. Size

Just like windows, shutters come in a variety of sizes. Many homeowners end up with shutters that are the wrong size; either too long, too short, too narrow or too wide. Shutters that don’t fit your home stick out like a sore thumb and draw the wrong kind of attention. Avoid this problem by measuring for shutters before you make a purchase.

2. Style

The house shutters you purchase should match the style of your home and windows. There are several different styles of shutters, you can buy and while some shutters blend well with many different types of home and window styles, some are well-defined and more suited to a specific style. Do your research and ensure you are choosing the right style for your home. 

3. Quality

While it may be tempting to purchase the lowest-cost, lowest-quality shutters, it’s not recommended. Low-quality shutters will cost you more in the long run with frequent repairs and replacements. Pay attention to the quality instead of the just cost to make sure you are purchasing durable shutters that will last for years. 

4. Fixed Vs. Operational 

Some exterior window shutters are fixed and some are operational. 

Fixed shutters are very common and are only used for decoration while operational shutters are less common and can be opened and closed as needed. A new homeowner may not realize the difference and purchase fixed when they need operational or operational when they need fixed. 

You can avoid this mistake by checking your shutters to see if they are fixed or operational before making a purchase. 

5. Color

The color of your window shutters is important because you want to have your new shutters match, not clash with the exterior of your home. You can avoid this by painting your shutters or comparing paint swatches against the exterior of your home before purchasing. 

6. Shape

A common mistake homeowners make when they buy window shutters is matching the shape of the shutter to the casing of the window instead of the shape of the window. 

This results in an odd and oftentimes unbalanced-looking window that takes away from the attractive exterior of your home. The best way to avoid this problem is to consult with a professional, as they can give you great advice on choosing the shape of your shutters. 

Buying Shutters For Your Home: The Bottom Line

By following these tips when buying shutters, you’ll be sure to purchase the most attractive and functional shutters for your home.

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