You are staring out an open window.

There is nothing covering this window from the outside world. 

How can you cover it? What material is best to use? Will one look better than the other?

Keep reading to learn more about shades vs. blinds and how they match up in several important categories. 

1. Privacy

Privacy within your own home or business is important. Knowing how to best cover your windows in order to maintain that privacy is an aspect to consider when you are deciding which to pick.

Shades: When pulled completely down, shades offer privacy by covering the length of the window.

Blinds: Due to blinds being made of slats that are connected by strings, they are able to be closed tightly. This can prevent nosy neighbors from peeking in and give you privacy in any room. 

2. Light Control

This may have been the first thing that you thought of when considering a window covering. How much light do you want in or out of the room?

Shades: Even the classic shades that we sell are available in the light-filtering or room-darkening variety and allow you to be in control of the amount of light being let in. 

Blinds: These tend to allow a small amount of light through their slats but can still keep a room relatively dark. 

3. Cleaning

Knowing how much time and effort it will take to clean the shades or blinds is important. 

Shades: Cleaning shades can be done through wiping down or vacuuming.

Blinds: These are known to get dusty and all of the slats need to be dusted off individually.

4. Durability

How long will these window coverings last? Like anything you purchase for your house or business, durability is important to consider because you don’t want to replace every window appliance often.

Shades: These are typically made out of soft fabrics and won’t withstand much wear and tear. They also are not made for bathrooms or homes that have high humidity, as they can absorb the moisture.

Blinds: These are made from hard materials and can withstand the traffic or high moisture content in areas like the bathroom.

5. Cost

What will fit best into your budget? This is a must to know for any project. 

Shades: Shades are typically more expensive due to their energy benefits and overall ease-of-use.

Blinds: Wood blinds are some of the most effective and attractive coverings available. Blinds are typically less expensive.

Shaves vs. Blinds: Now It’s Your Turn to Choose

After seeing how the shades vs. blinds battle, you must choose what will work best for the rooms in your home or office. Above is an honest comparison between the two and it has proved that each has strengths in certain areas and cons in others. 

Deciding whether you want the room to be light or dark, the style of the room, and the cost of the covering is a good place to get started when you are narrowing down the choices.

Fill out our contact form and we will be happy to discuss your window needs and help you arrive at the best option for you!