If you have a business in a drab building, chances are potential customers are passing by without a second glance. But you can change your building’s visual appeal instantly with one simple addition.

Business window graphics can transform any business into a warm and welcoming environment. Here’s how they will make your business thrive!

They’ll Inform Potential Customers

One of the more common reasons that people don’t inquire about a business is when the signage is inadequate. Using window graphics is a simple and affordable way of letting customers know what’s in store for them.

When you’re considering your design, you’ll want to make something that catches their eye and let them know exactly what you’re selling. This is particularly important if you’re including images in your design – it should always be relevant to what you’re offering to customers. Since the brain processes images faster than words, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the right point across to people passing your business. 

Business Window Graphics Draw Appeal

Signage may inform the customer, but it needs to be attractive for them to investigate further. Create something that catches their eye and lets them know why they must have it. 

You’ll also want to keep all sorts of shoppers in mind. According to Help Scout, 39% of shoppers are more likely to purchase something if they know they’re getting a deal. If you have a sale or a promotion going on, you can easily attract more customers by informing them about the ways they can save money by using your business. 

Need more ideas on how to best promote your business through window graphics? Check out this guide on designing visual displays.  

They’ll Save Money For Other Expenses

Business window graphics do more than just advertise your services – they can also be used as an excellent source of privacy and shade. By adding window graphics, you can save money to put towards other needs for your company. 

If you’re in a sunny place, provide your customers with some much-needed relief from the sun’s glare with shaded window graphics. And if you have a business where your customers might want to avoid the stares of others (such as restaurants, clothing stores, or office spaces), you can create graphics that advertise your company from the outside as it provides privacy (and additional visual appeal) for those who are inside of your business. 

Window graphics are also incredibly low-maintenance. Once they’re up, you can go about your business. And unlike lit signage, they won’t cost money to run or maintain, saving you additional money in the long run. 

Attract More Customers Today

What are you waiting for? By adding business window graphics to your storefront, you’ll be reeling in more clients in a jiffy.

Need help brainstorming your perfect window graphic? Contact our office today to get started on making the best design for your business.

And if you’re considering other forms of window treatment for your business, we have tons of excellent recommendations. Check out our blog for more great ideas on how to spruce up your company’s environment!