Honeycomb blinds have become quite popular in recent years. Their ingenious cellular design help blocks out the outside temperature and even noise.

However, as with any innovation in tried and true technologies, there are both pros and cons to honeycomb shades. If you’re looking to update your window treatments, be sure to read through this quick guide before making your choice!

The Pros and Cons of Honeycomb Shades

Depending on your lifestyle, where you live, and your style, honeycomb shades may be the perfect window treatment for your home. However, the opposite can just as easily be said. 

Not sure where you stand? Take a look at all the pros and cons of these cellular-designed shades.

Substantial Insulation

Honeycomb shades offer an amazing boost to your window insulation. Even with highly economically-friendly windows, it’s nearly impossible to keep the cold out during the winter and the heat out during the summer. 

Because of their intelligent cellular design, honeycomb shades offer and extra buffer or layer of insulation to help control the temperature in your home.

Greater Privacy 

While many of us are attuned to inner-city living or even suburban living, it doesn’t mean we don’t still want privacy. People walking or driving in the neighborhood can make things awkward when they peer into your windows. 

Honeycomb blinds, when pulled down to the window sill offer 100 percent privacy from top to bottom – no cracks or breaks in the blinds for prying eyes.

Helps Block Out Noise

Another amazing benefit to the cellular design of honeycomb blinds is its inherent ability to block out noise. While these blinds are by no means soundproof, they do add an extra layer of tranquility to your home by dampening the various noises from outside.

Slim and Stackable

Often, when you look at products that offer sound reduction and extra insulation, you find bulky, heavy items. In the case of honeycomb blinds, the opposite is true. Honeycomb blinds are thin and stack compactly when raised.

They are slim and sleek, giving them a very clean and crisp look whether drawn or raised.

Cleaning Is More Difficult

Unfortunately, even though honeycomb shades can be made of various types of fabric, none allow for the simple clean you’d find in plastic or wood blinds. They collect dust and can even be stained. 

Due to their structure, cleaning can be difficult and may even require pulling them down and gently washing them in the bathtub.

Not the Most Fashionable

In terms of fashion, honeycomb blinds aren’t likely to win any awards. However, their fashionless design is what makes them so incredible in terms of insulation. If interior design is the most important part of your home, cellular shades may not be your best choice.

No Adjustable Natural Lighting

Honeycomb shades come with a second catch-22. While their solidity provides fantastic privacy, it also inhibits your ability to control the amount of natural light you want coming in through your windows. You have two choices – all or nothing.

Looking for Window Treatments?

If you’re looking to spruce up your home with new window treatments, we’ve got you covered. We have everything from blinds, shades, and shudders. Take a look at our options to see what best fits your design tastes. 

And remember, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, noise dampening choice, you can’t go wrong with honeycomb shades.