The average American spends over $2,000 per year on electricity. Heating expenses make up the largest part of that sum at 29%.

Winter is brutally cold, but it doesn’t need to be brutal on your wallet.

Glass is not naturally insulating, so it becomes cold when it’s cold outside. When warm air hits the cold window, the air is chilled. This not only cools down your house but also skyrockets your electric bill.

To combat this, all you need are some insulating curtain solutions.

Keep reading to learn about some of the best winter window covers for your home.

Stay Cozy With Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are designed with a series of pleats meant to trap air against the window. This prevents cold air from leaking in, keeping your house warm. These honeycomb pockets can come in single, double, or triple layers.

The insulation depends on the pleat size and number of layers. Larger pleats trap air better, reducing your energy bill. Large pleats look great in large windows, though small pleats suit small windows best.

Cellular shades can get expensive, however, so we have some tips to maximize your winter window cover.

Mount your shades on the exterior of the home as a form of insulation. You can also install an energy-saving track system that blocks the gap between the shades and window frames.

Spruce it Up With Window Drapes

Drapes will not only add color and texture to your home, but they will also keep it warm!

Opt for thicker materials like velvet, tapestry, denim, tweed, and suede to protect against the cold better. Materials like canvas and cotton blends only provide limited protection.

Add a thermal lining to the back of your drapes for added insulation. These liners usually come in white, which looks great from the outside. 

Go Old-School With Plantation Shutters 

Plantation shutters are a gorgeous winter window cover option. Unlike the decorative shutters on the exterior of your house, these fully-functional blinds are on the interior of your windows.

The real wood panels trap air between the glass and the shades. Plantation shutters are the thickest and tightest-fitting blinds on the market.

Block Out Cold With Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are great for winters and summers. In order to block the sun, many of these curtains are made of thick, sun-blocking fabric.

In the summertime, blackout shades will prevent the blazing sun from warming up your home. In the wintertime, however, be sure to open your blinds during the warmest part of the day to allow the sun to heat your home. 

Multiple Window Coverings to Keep Cold Out

If your winters get brutally cold, combine multiple winter window cover methods.

Hang velvet drapes in front of plantation shutters. Put cellular shades on the exterior of your windows and blackout curtains on the interior.

Find the Best Winter Window Cover For You

You no longer have to keep the thermostat low to save money. By investing in a winter window cover, you can keep the heat up and reduce your heating bill.

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