Exterior shutters can protect your home against the harsh elements. They function in three ways.

Shielding your home from unbearable weather like strong rains, hurricanes, or the sun’s rays. Second, they protect from break-ins, a literal shield! Third, shutter styles can be decoration and increase your home’s curb appeal.

You’ve been wondering for so long and have finally decided that your home needs exterior shutters. We have already written about how to design your home with exterior shutters. Today we are going to show you the best exterior shutter materials on the market today.


Exterior aluminum shutters are best bought by customers who seek to protect their homes. These are the best exterior shutters against hurricanes and other weather-related incidents.

Aluminum is the most durable exterior shutter material. Great quality at an affordable cost. These shutters could last up to 20-30 years and more years.


Exterior shutters made from natural wood are popular for customers who seek a traditional look. Of all the shutter styles, wood is the most classic.

Wood shutters have more customization options and styles than aluminum shutters. Some woods could be pricey depending on the species of wood you chose.

The most popular choices are Basswood, Fiji, Samoa, Western Red Cedar, Mahogany, and Cypress.

Remember, wood is a natural material which means you’ll need to take steps to protect and maintain it.


Exterior wood composite shutters are made from MDF. Short for ‘medium density fiberboard’, MDF is created by pressing wood fibers and resin. which means medium density fiberboard.

You’ll get the look and feel of wood but without the inconveniences. This is the best exterior shutter material if you want to avoid insect infestations, swelling, or rotting.

PVC Composite

Exterior shutters out of PVC composite combine the best of wood and aluminum. PVC composite can look and feel like wood, but will never rot, decay, nor absorb moisture. Maintenance-free.

There is also a huge selection of exterior shutter styles and customization. The downside is PVC Composite is very expensive.


Foam exterior shutters are hand-molded and hand-made from cast stone. Fully customizable they have a wide array of styles you can choose from.

Foam shutters are popular because you can customize them at a reasonable price. Because it’s handmade, not one shutter is alike in texture, hairline cracks, finish, and color. Each shutter made is unique and has a wide variety of characteristics.

Vinyl Plastic shutters

If you are on a budget, then vinyl is the most affordable material at first.

Vinyl shutters are made with a thin layer of vinyl and cast to a mold. They’re customizable but usually used for decorative purposes only.

Bolted to the window, these shutter styles are typically hollow. They’ll last 3-5 years before yellowing from the sun.

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Are you going to use it for weather protection, security, or aesthetics only? The best exterior shutter material should meet your needs.

There are many exterior shutter materials you can choose. That’s why we’re here to make it easier for you.

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