Is your home filled with dramatic rooms with dark walls? Here’s how to brighten things up and make a statement with your window treatments.

Window coverings may seem like an afterthought to some, but the demand in the US is expected to reach $5.2 billion by the year 2021

Are you that person who wanted to create some drama and add some sophistication to your home with dark-painted rooms? If so, do you now find yourself looking for window treatments for gray walls or curtains for dark gray walls? 

Perhaps you even went so bold as to have rooms with black walls. While it looks so modern, you may be feeling closed in and seeking some light. 

So…what can you do to brighten up rooms with dark walls? Let’s look at how you can make a statement while adding some light with window treatments. 

Dark Walls? Brighten Your Room With Window Treatments

Have you seen the way window treatments can transform a room?  You can make your windows pop with all sorts of options in a wide range of prices. Here are some of the curtains or window treatment ideas to bring your dark walls into the light. 

To Match or Not to Match? 

If you want your room to flow, it’s a good idea to match your curtains to your walls. That being said, be careful to add contrasting furniture, nothing dark. Let the furniture and artwork be the focus of the room. 

When using dark curtains with dark walls, be sure to expose as much of the window as possible to let the light come in. 

Use contrasting colors when your windows frame an amazing view so that eyes are drawn to the windows naturally. 

White Plantation Shutters

Are you looking for window treatment ideas for bedroom, living room, kitchen? Plantation shutters are always stylish, but they can really brighten up a dark room. 

Add some white trim around the windows and white crown molding and your dark walls will have pops of white as a beautiful contrast. 


Roller shades in a light material will roll up to almost look like they are not there. This will give maximum window exposure when the shade is raised. 

Roman shades can have the same effect as long as you choose a light fabric. Something dainty will let the natural light come through to brighten up your space. 

A light-filtering pleated shade can also work next to your dark walls. When raised they form a tight little stack at the top of the window, allowing the natural sunlight. 

Stay away from any type of wooden shades or heavy woven shades. They will only make your room look darker. 

Don’t Let Your Window Treatments Be An Afterthought 

Now that you’ve seen some examples of window treatments and curtains that can brighten up a room with dark walls, which ones do you think will work best in your home? Check out our buyer’s guide for everything you should know about buying window treatments. You’ll have your room looking just the way you want it!