It can be hard to choose a set of shutters for your home. Here is a guide on the different shutter styles to make it a little easier for you.

There has been an increase in sales of shutters as many homeowners turn away from traditional drapes. Shutter sales have increased five times to 10% since the turn of the millennium. Shutters are designed to keep the house cool and also keep off wind thereby reducing heat loss during cold seasons.

Choosing a shutter style is one of the easiest places to start. Putting into consideration the style of the house, how much light you want during the day and privacy will help you decide on the right style. Below is a guide on some different shutter styles available and why they may be the right options for you.

Plantations Shutters

This type of shutter style is full in length and generally stay closed only letting in light through Louvre slats. The slats can open, close or tilt to let in preferred light so it’s best to position them in windows that get sun throughout the day. Plantation shutters are perfect for the window facing the road as they offer a great source of privacy. If you angle the shutters right, you can see out but others won’t be able to see you.

Wood Panel

Looking for a traditional look? This shutter style might be the best for you as they suit the Victorian type of houses. They are great for bedrooms as they completely block out the light, favorably during summer mornings when the sun is up at unreasonable hours. Since they fold over and back against the side of your window, ensure that there is enough space on each side. Although shutters may be the priciest options, they are great for curb appeal with their custom woodwork.

Café Style

These shutters are ideal for rooms which need partial privacy. Café style is perfect for the kitchen or bathroom where you can cover one bottom half of the window and leave the other bare. In a bathroom, you don’t want to completely block out the light and you only need privacy at the bottom half. Privacy is available without having to close every time you need to use the bathroom.

Tier on Tier

These are two shutters placed one on top of the other. This shutter style is a great choice as it gives you the option of choosing or opening a part of the window. They look and feel like plantation shutters and the beauty of this design is that you get to enjoy the light flooding in when the top panels are open. It’s ideal for bay windows and ground floor properties that need privacy.

Full Height

Full height shutters run from the bottom to the top of the window easily letting or shutting out light based on your preference. This type brings on an aesthetically pleasing interior.

Choosing the Right Shutter Style

Shutters today come in various forms and are easily available whether you chose ready-made or custom made. With increased popularity comes with an increasing number of opportunists who sell cheap products as the real thing. Look closely at the quality of window shutters. Carefully choose different materials available based on what options you want to work with. Contact us to get a premium line of shutter styles, made out of real wood that will transform your house to look beautiful and appealing.