About 30% of the energy used to heat a home is lost through windows.

Whether you want to keep the heat out or in, one of your first lines of defense are your windows.

While many people invest in interior shades such as blinds and drapes, they forget about exterior shades. Exterior shades provide many benefits and are easy to maintain and install. 

Keep reading to learn 5 benefits of exterior window shades.

Types of Exterior Shades

There are many different types of exterior shades depending on your desired coverage, sun protection, and budget. Here are a few different categories:

  • Solar Screens
  • Awnings (fixed and drop-arm)
  • Roll-up window shades
  • Storm Window Panels
  • Surface-applied Films

These different types of shades will offer varying protection from the sun, and come with different maintenance requirements. Many will even give you unimpeded views of the outdoors, while still offering protection from the sun and other benefits.

It’s important to research each of the categories to find which shades will meet your needs and stay within your budget. 

5 Benefits of Exterior Shades

Exterior shades are completely underrated. If you have pets that tend to destroy window coverings, or simply want to show off your windows, you need to consider exterior shades.

Beyond aesthetic values, exterior shades offer many benefits. Here are 5 important benefits that exterior shades provide.

1. Protection from UV Radiation

While we all need to bask in the sunshine now and then, we also don’t want too much UV radiation entering our homes. 

Frequent exposure to UV radiation damages skin and causes premature aging. It also heats up our homes more than we may like. On very hot days in the summer, exterior shades will block the sunlight from entering homes and increasing indoor temperatures. 

2. Keep Bugs Out

On days when the weather is perfect, we want to open our windows and enjoy the temperature. If you do not have window screens, exterior shades can help prevent bugs and pests from entering your home.

3. Protection from Dust and Allergens

In areas with dry climates or blooming trees, you may feel like you’re drowning in dust and pollen. Exterior shades can help block dust and allergens from entering your home, and also help keep them off of your shiny windows.

4. Reduce Glare

Besides being a nuisance, glare is harmful to our vision. This is especially important if sunlight is reflecting off of a body of water, or metal roofs outside.

Exterior shades minimize glare and allow you to look at screens or read your favorite book without harmful glare. 

5. Reduce Fading and Discoloration of Furniture

Constant exposure to direct sunlight can cause discoloration in your home. Cabinets may lighten, paint can peel, and furniture may become discolored based on which spots experience more sunlight.

Exterior window shades keep direct sunlight out of our homes, protecting the color and integrity of our investments.

Final Thoughts

Exterior window shades are often your first line of defense against sunlight, dust, allergens, and even pests. 

Thankfully, there are a variety of different types of exterior shades that can help.

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