Most realtors will tell you some of the slower real estate sales happen during the holidays. Van Gogh Window Fashions wants to help your chances for a sale this fall! Take our advice and don’t spook your home buyers with old exterior paint and window coverings. DIY experts say the first appeal to your home is the exterior appearance. We all enjoy covering our houses with spider webs and graveyards in October, pumpkins and hay in November, and snowman and reindeer in December. Decorating for the fall is fun for the entire family, but leave the exterior shutters with a fresh coat of paint and free from cob webs. If you want your neighbors’ approval and your potential home buyers looking at your home, keep the decor simple and fresh paint on the shutters.

Van Gogh Window Fashions is in the business of repairing and applying new paint on old shutters. Call us, the experts on exterior shutter repair, at 205.987.3711 for more information. Save money & don’t spook the buyers away. Call Van Gogh today!