Summer heat is already here and Van Gogh has the perfect solution for turning that hot room into a cool space of comfort and relaxation! Many of our customers are looking for shades in their home, but do not realize the power of blackout shades in a room. Blackout shades are used in this picture to add texture to the decor of the room, but also to block sunlight coming in. You can operate these shades manually with many safety features if you have small children. Another option for those looking for cordless is our motorized blackout shades. These operate by a wall swicth or by a hand-held remote.

Van Gogh Window Fashions has many shades to choose from, but for rooms with multiple large windows that get direct sunlight we suggest the blackout roller shades. The interior of the shade has a blackout material so that when sun hits, it is reflected off the shade keeping your interior space cool. You will see many commercial applications of this in storefront windows, but the trend now is using the same applications for interior spaces within the home. Much like the picture above, this shade is beautiful and finished the room very well. For more information on ways to keep things cool in your home with plantation shutters or shades, call Van Gogh today at 205.225.9866!